We invite the BSSC2011 participants to submit a manuscript based on the presentation at BSSC-2011 for publication in special issues of

— Journal of Marine Systems www.elsevier.com/locate/jmarsys

— Oceanology (Russian Journal) www.maik.ru/journals/ocean.htm

Submitted manuscripts will be critically peer reviewed following procedures and standards of the journals, with the help of guest-editors.

The issue of Journal of Marine Systems will be limited to 20 papers and the issue of Oceanology to 17-18 papers, according to the agreements with the publishers. During the preparation of the manuscripts, the standard rules of the journals will apply.

The issue of Oceanology will be published as a Supplementary Volume only in English. However, the Russian authors can submit their manuscripts in Russian; then the publishing house will provide the translation of these manuscripts into English. The size of a paper in Oceanology is limited by 24 pages.

The deadline for submission of all manuscripts is 1st of December 2011. It is planned that the special issues will be ready for production in summer-autumn 2012. Manuscripts that do not fit into the constraints of the special issues can be published in regular issues. If you are interested to submit your manuscript, please give us the following information by 20th of September 2011 the latest (for planning purposes):

1) title of the planned publication,

2) names of author(s),

3) e-mail address of a contact person,

4) title of the journal where you would like to publish the paper.

Your commitment please send to the guest-editors of these issues:

Juri Elken, Jan Harff, Marina Orlova or Vladimir Ryabchenko.


© 2010 Russian State Hydrometeorological University